Searching For A Catharsis (lead_into_gold) wrote in tripbook,
Searching For A Catharsis

God damn nazi-pig fuckers!

Here are the phone numbers for the DEA... I think we all should call these fascist pig fuckers and tell them that we know about huge drug deals that are going on, and they can help us bust these horrible bastard drug dealers... Then keep them on the line for as long as possible, blah blah... don't tell them your name, call from a payphone.. whatever. Then give them the address of your local liquor store, or Phillip Morris's address, or perhaps Pfizer and so on. It's a stupid idea, but messing with these pig fuckers just seems like fun after reading thier website. We should inundate these fuckers with e-mails and phone calls, bunch of misinformed bastards they are...

Atlanta Division (404) 893-7000
Boston Division (617) 557-2100
Caribbean Division (787) 775-1815
Chicago Division (312) 353-7875
Dallas Division (214) 366-6900
Denver Division (303) 705-7300
Detroit Division (313) 234-4000
El Paso Division (915) 832-6000
Houston Division (713) 693-3000
Los Angeles Division (213) 621-6700
Miami Division (305) 994-4870
Newark Division (973) 273-5000
New Orleans Division (504) 840-1100
New York Division (212) 337-3900
Philadelphia Division (215) 861-3474
Phoenix Division (602) 664-5600
San Diego Division (858) 616-4100
San Francisco Division (415) 436-7900
Seattle Division (206) 553-5443
St. Louis Division (314) 538-4600
Washington, DC Division (202) 305-8500
For Congressional questions to DEA Headquarters: 202) 307-7423
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